Navigate through Class 7th Computer Science

Class 7 Computer science is such a subject that paves the basis for all the other classes and hence one must study it earnestly. In order to help you sail through the subject matter, Extramarks has an entire section on ICSE Class 7 Computer Syllabus where all the important topics are covered and divided into modules. To begin with, it includes topics like Computer-Hardware Components, Number System, Computer Virus, Ethics and Safety Measures in Computing and the likes.
The difference between Extramarks and other ordinary applications is that Extramarks is extremely user-friendly. It makes sure that the subject matter is presented in such a manner that it is intelligible to the student and develops a liking in the subject. Extramarks will help you to think outside the box and will help you reimagine the various concepts that you have studied. Extramarks uses the concept of Learn, Practice and Test which will help you to understand the amount to which you have grasped the notions of the textual material. In the first section (Learn), Extramarks helps the reader understand the subject matter through interactive mediums like videos and helps the reader come close to the heart of the subject matter. In the second section (Practice), Extramarks helps the reader apply the various concepts and in the very third section (Test), Extramarks makes sure that you undergo certain quizzes that are customized in such a manner that they shall help one chart their progress. Get going, the best way to study is only a click away with Extramarks.

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